You should decide on the college you want to apply to. Once you know the name, you should make sure you check the college website to determine what applications they accept. Some colleges may not accept any of the common applications, preferring their own.

Use the form below to answer some questions about the possible applications.  

Which Application Should I Use?

There are several common application "platforms" that can be used to apply to multiple colleges/universities. They are helpful because they allow you to fill in the basic details only once. The information is then automatically transferred into applications for multiple colleges and universities of your choice.

Below, you can link to any of the 4 common application platforms by "clicking" on the name of the different applications.

ApplyTexas can be used to apply to every 4-year public colleges in Texas and to most 2-year colleges. It can be used to apply to some private colleges and universities, including Incarnate Word, Our Lady of the Lake, St. Mary's, and Trinity. If you are interested in staying in Texas use ApplyTexas.

The Common Application is accepted by over 800 colleges in US, Canada, China and Europe. In the US this includes the Ivy Leagues, Stanford and many popular private and public universities.

Coalition for College is an application that is accepted by over 100 colleges, including all the Ivy League schools, Stanford and other private and public universities. 

Quest Bridge is an application accepted by over 40 college "partners", including Duke, Emory, RICE, Stanford and Yale. It is unique because it is both an application for admissions and an application for a scholarship. If you "match" with one of the partnering colleges you get a "full 4-year scholarship" to that college. If you are absolutely sure you want to attend one of these 40 colleges, your parent's earnings are less than $65,000, and you have straight A's, be ready to go online in during the summer before your senior year. This complete application is always due around the middle of SEPTEMBER!    

By clicking on the images below you can find a listing of the colleges that accept the Common, Coalition for College, and Quest Bridge application.