Monthly College Budget

When you apply for financial aid at the college of your choice you will be awarded money based on their estimated cost of attending that college and the report from the FAFSA that you filled out. They will also consider whether you report that you will live in an apartment, dorm, or with your family.

In this activity you will get a chance to try to budget monthly spending based on the amount the financial aid office determines is the cost of attending that college.

Please keep in mind that these are estimates. There is great variation in the estimated cost of attending colleges both in and out of state. In addition, the cost of living expenses (housing, utilities, food, etc.) in Houston, Dallas or places like Los Angeles, New York, or Princeton, are different than those here in San Antonio. If your budget shows that you have over spent a few 100 dollars the variation in living expenses could make the difference. DON'T despair!

Finally, keep in mind that if a university accepts you, and really wants you, than their financial aid offices will probably work with you to keep you in attendance at their institution. They will most likely help you make ends meet!