Finding Scholarships Online

There are numerous online scholarship resources (search engines, databases, etc,.) that can help you locate potential scholarships. You will always have to provide some basic personal information. Using online services does involve some patience as you could be provided with a big list of potential scholarships opportunities to research. Before you start making use of these resources, you should be prepared to:

1) Provide a name, address or email and create passwords to set up accounts (most require this). You can usually figure out how to eliminate mail or email by "opting out" whenever you can. Sometimes you can modify "profiles" or "accounts" to do this.

2) Provide other specific information to help better match you with possible scholarship opportunities. The more precise the information you provide, the closer the "match" to your scholarship opportunities.

3) Click on links and READ carefully as you are routed to actual applications or as you explore the details of the scholarships. You will rarely encounter an immediate link to the actual application and each application is a little different.

There is NO standard set of instructions to apply for all scholarships! 


Provide only basic personal information--NO social security numbers.

Never, never, pay to find or apply for a scholarship!

USE ONLY FREE services--If you're asked for a fee, skip it!

Limit mail, email, and phone contact by using "opt out" options.

If it sounds to good to be true, it's a SCAM.

Beware, cost of free services are often offset by advertising. Block, close, or ignore pop-up ads.