As you begin to search for potential scholarships you should organize what you find.  You can keep you information in a planner, spiral notebook, word document, excel worksheet, or your cell phone's calendar. Scholarship deadlines run throughout the year.

In the Week 1 activities you found out about the San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP) Scholarship. Below is some information on the annual Rey Feo Scholarship and the Harlandale Educational Foundation (HEF) Scholarship. Begin to organize the information you gather so that it looks something like this:  

San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP)
March 31, 2020
1)Turned in a signed Scholarship Form
2) Maintain 80 grade point average
3) Attend 3 College Success Activities
4) Fill out the FAFSA.
Rey Feo Scholarship
March 31, 2020
1) Current High School Senior 
2) Must pursue full-time studies leading to a bachelor’s degree.
3) Must have a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale equivalent.
4) Must have at least 23 on the ACT (composite) or at least 1350 on SAT 
5) Must be a United States Citizen.
Harlandale Educational Foundation (HEF) Scholarship

Spring 2020: January 31,

Fall 2020: June, 2020

1) Graduate of a Harlandale ISD high school. 
2) Complete all sections of this application.
3) Apply for scholarship no later than three years following graduation.
4) Show proof of full time registration at a college, university or technical school. 
Office phone: 210-989-4378
College Café Bldg. Student Support Services Dept.

There are NO standard deadlines, requirements or instructions for scholarships.

1) You do NOT have to be a senior to look for scholarships! 

2) 8th - 11th graders should note that most scholarships are awarded annually. If you find a March 31, 2020 scholarship deadline that means that the scholarship will probably be available in the future: Due around March 31, 2021, Mach 31, 2022, etc. 

This allows you to plan for future years!

Planning for  Scholarship Applications