Are you aware of the number of options you have?

How many colleges/universities or institutions of higher education are there within 20 miles of where you live?

If you know the zip code in which you live, the National Center of Education Statistics college navigator can help answer the question.

Use the college navigator (see image below) to submit the following 5 items: 

​     1) Your zip code,
     2) The number of results you got for colleges within 20 miles,
     3) The name of a college you already knew about, 
     4) The name of a college you never heard of,
     5) The name of a college you might be interested in.

Click here or on the college navigator image below.

College Options Close to Home

Follow these steps: 

      1) Look for the box next to ZIP code and type in YOUR zip code. 

      2) From the drop-down menu "Miles from", select 20 miles

      3) Click on "Show Results"

Type in the following 5 items on the form below: