Choosing the college that is right for you is important and since applying does take time and effort it is probably wise to apply to no more than 2-3 colleges. 

Below is an organized table information that was gathered on 5 colleges. For today, pretend that theses are the colleges you are interested in and make decisions about which you would apply to.

Things to Consider

Palo Alto


UT Austin

Notre Dame


Admission Requirements


Top 25%; No Essay 

My SAT low; Essay


My SAT low; Essay


My SAT low; Essay


No fee

$70; waivers$75; waivers
$75; waivers
$70; waivers
Career Goals

Credits Transfer


College Environment
GoodGoodGoodGood but COLDGood

Close byVery FarVery Far
Opportunities for Growth

Point Value: 10

Which Colleges do I Apply to? 

Use the information above to decide on 3 colleges based on the following 3 "S" recommendations: 

College #1: "SURE" choice--you like it and you are sure you can get in

College #2: "SAFETY" choice--a backup you can easily get into, in case you need it  

College #3: "STRETCH" choice--you would really like to go, but unsure you can get in

In the form below enter what college you would choose as "SURE", "SAFETY", and "STRETCH" and why you decided on each.