In this activity you will:

1) Think about and select the types of institutions you will consider 

2) Select 3 colleges you might want to explore 

3) Select things you will consider during your college exploration 

4) Visit the college website of your first college option 

Choosing a College that's Right For ME

Explore and Organize Information about Colleges

You might organize information about colleges in tables like this:




   1st  Thing to Consider

   2nd Thing to Consider

   3rd  Thing to Consider

   4th  Thing to Consider

Do you already have a college in mind or have you not even thought about it? No matter what your situation, and before you start the application process, you should consider the types of institutions that are available and then explore and organize information about colleges  that you might apply to.  

Types of Institutions that are Available

You could attend:

  • In or Out of State Colleges/Universities. Out of state colleges will be more expensive but they are a definite option to consider as they often provide good financial aid packets to students that they are interested in! 
  • 4-year Public or Private Colleges/Universities. Private universities are more expensive and  usually comparable to out of state expenses. They are known for providing more personal guidance and they may be right for you. 
  • 2-year Technical/Vocational Institutes and Community Colleges. Community colleges provide similar 2-year degrees and certificates and are usually less expensive than technical/vocational institutes. Community colleges also provide the possibility of taking basic courses that can be transferred to 4-year colleges/universities. Always check that the courses you take will transfer!