Read the ideas. 

Find ONE thing that you had NEVER thought of doing or the thing you do MOST.

Doing Better in School Ideas

​​​Set 1
If you want to do better in school you will need to study hard, stay after school for tutoring, and pay attention in class. Also, you will need to complete all your work in class and during tests you need to keep your mind set on the test and nothing else but the test.

Set 2
My mother told me how she did better in school with taking notes and listening to the teachers whenever they had discussions with the class. Always ask questions even if you think the question sounds dumb always ask questions. Ask friends if you don’t usually understand what the teacher is saying. Always be on time to a class, be prepared at all times. Know where your school work is. 

​Set 3
The first adult I went up too was my mom.... She told me that first of all don’t be distracted and don’t get distracted either. Pay attention and write down notes. Afterward study the notes and see if you understand the topic you covered that day. The second adult I went up too was my teacher, Ms.Tacos. She said to ask for extra work, go to a teacher after school for tutoring, or go to web sites that can help too.  

Set 4

The way you could pay more attention at school by blocking everyone else out and focus on the teacher. You could also ask the teacher to move you to a place where no one will be able to talk to you. Another way you can focus in school is by just telling your friends not to talk to you because you don’t want to get in trouble. 

Set 5
There are various ways to do better at school. Things such as studying for at least an hour a day can help because it helps keep the information fresh in your mind. Asking your teachers for extra credit or tutoring if you need it in a particular area that you are struggling in.

Talk to a teacher, mentor, friend, parent or other family member to get ideas about how to do better in school.

In 50-100 words write the ideas you gathered about how to do better in school.

The following sets of ideas were randomly selected from responses to the instructions:

Point Value: 10