Building Relationships Stories

Story 1

I had to do partner work with some people for school.  We did the work and started talking. We did a lot of communication.  We started talking about school and just developing a friendship. Then after a while we started talking, but not about school. We were talking about our lives and personal stuff. It felt good making friends and trusting them.

Story 2

I once had to do a project with someone no one liked in school. He was very quiet and didn’t really talk to anyone. We had this project that we worked on it in class and we spent a lot of time together. We ate lunch together so we could share ideas about what the project needed. Once the project itself was over, we developed a good friendship and we became best friends. 

Story 3

My Ex and I used to always stress about going to college and what that meant to us in the future. We supported each other by doing scholarship apps together and applying for colleges together. Eventually we met our goals and had huge respect for each other for being there for each other.

Story 4

In middle school I had to do an assignment that required two people. I was partnered up with someone named Joe. We hadn't talked to each other before and we didn't know each other's names. During the assignment we learned that even in little situations like this, you can make good friends. After the assignment we talked to each other more often and hung out at the mall and the park. That one assignment can make you and someone else become the greatest friends.

The responses below were selected because they all have something in common. They are responses to the instructions:

Point Value: 10 

Think about a time when you worked with someone else and as a result you developed a caring supportive relationship with that person.

In 50-100 words explain how working together helped you develop a caring supportive relationship with that person.