The 5 responses below were randomly selected from those submitted in response to the instructions:

What are you most passionate about? 

 In 50-100 words describe what you are most passionate about and why you are passionate about it.

Passion Stories

Point Value: 10 

Response 1

​I’m passionate about becoming a chef in the future. I want to know everything about foods and make them really great. I love making food and just seeing the smiling faces my family makes when I do prepare food or help my mom with it for dinner. 

Response 2

I’m very passionate about my religion and its importance. I’m a youth minister at my church and comes with a lot of work. Although there are times I feel like giving up because there is just a lot of work to get done I can’t find myself doing so. My responsibility is huge especially because I feel like I carry the youth in my parish on my back. So spreading faith with the youth is my passion. 

Response 3

I am most passionate for fashion. I love  👗. I like their designs, the silk, the ruffles and there patterns. I love 👢👡👠👟👞. I like their shapes and their designs. I love 👖. I love cut jeans, I like skinny jeans, and I like jeggings. I also like  👘👕👚. I like their shape, I like their designs, and their patterns. My passion for fashion just makes me all happy inside😁.

Response 4

I am very passionate about becoming a Ranch Hand.  I love the outdoors and wildlife.  I would like to learn more about the farm and ranch industry to better understand what my job would consist of.  I know it would be hard work but I am sure I can handle it.

Response 5

I am most passionate about learning science. I just love it because science gets me thinking of new things and why things happen. Sometimes there’s never a real logical answer it just gets answered with another question and then we have to investigate. This is the most fun part of science. That’s why I am so passionate about it.