Read some of the stories that were submitted in response to these instructions:

Tell a story about a time that you did something that made you feel proud and good about yourself. 

Experiences that make us feel good about ourselves increase our sense of self worth. Theses stories all share experiences that made individuals feel good about themselves. 

Increase Sense of Self-Worth Stories

Point Value: 10 

Story 1
One time that I felt proud and good about myself was when I got good grades and pay attention to something. Also, when I help someone by explaining it in an interesting and intelligent but simple way. 

Story 2
It was my sophomore year of high school when I began to be more aware of going to college and choosing a career path I might be interested in. Since I was involved in AVID, which is a college readiness class, I asked my teacher if she thought I could ever be in the top 10 percent considering I was in the top 20 percent. She responded with "Unfortunately, no." After that I was upset but I did not let it get to me. The next day, I headed on to the counselor’s office and talked to them about my concerns. Sadly, she responded with the same answer. Now as a senior, and reflecting back, I am so glad I did not let it get to me.

Story 3
A time that I did something to make somebody feel good. I was on my way to my grandpa’s, I was downtown minding my business, just thinking of usual life stuff going on. I saw a guy who wasn’t at his best. He asked me for some money. I thought about it. Instead I decided to just go inside and get the man something cold to drink. He was pretty excited, told me God bless, and I told him not to worry because he would definitely do the same. So, what happened was that I felt really good after and I made him feel better. That was a win, win.

​Story 4
The time that I felt very good and proud of my self was when I lost a lot of weight. I was weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds and after six months of hard work, a lot of exercise, and strict diet I lost forty pounds. I felt great and was very proud of myself.

Story 5
Recently my mom got real sick and she could not do anything so I took care of my mom. I helped her clean, cook, and looked after her. I made sure she took her medicine and that she rested. I helped her get out of bed. My mom was so proud of me and it made me feel good, real good, and proud of myself. It was my turn to help out my mom when she was sick and not feeling well.