Read the story below:


     There was once a little boy who lived with his mother and father in a small house. The family was happy and they all lived well. The little boy also had an abuelito; his abuelito was his father’s father. The little boy’s abuelito was very old and he was having difficulty taking care of himself.
     One day the little boy’s abuelito moved in with the family. The mother had agreed to allow the abuelito to move in, however, she feared that her home life would be disrupted and that it would cause an unbalance. She asked her husband to build the abuelito a shed in the backyard where he could live and not disrupt their lives.
     The abuelito moved into the shed in the backyard. Everyone had the tendency to forget about him; everyone, except for the little boy. The little boy would visit his abuelito every morning as soon as he would wake up. Once morning, the little boy found his abuelito alone in the shed shivering; he was very, very cold. The abuelito asked his grandson, “M’ijo will you bring me a blanket? I am very, very cold.” The little boy ran into the house to begin his search for a blanket.
     The little boy first stopped in his room. He found a blanket, but he thought that it would be too small for his abuelito. He then checked his parent’s room. There he found a nice, big blanket that could cover his abuelito. The little boy started to run outside with the blanket, but then realized that his mother would get very mad if he gave his abuelito this blanket.
     The little boy continued to search for another blanket. Instead of a blanket, he found a carpet rug. He grabbed and pulled the rug from where it was. He then went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. He began to cut the carpet in half, and as he was doing so, his father saw him. The father exclaimed, “You’re ruining the rug!” The little boy responded, “But I really need it. Can you help me, because abuelito really needs it? He is really cold.” The little boy continued to cut the rug; he cut it into two pieces. The father continued to watch his son cut the rug and then asked, “M’ijo, why are you cutting the rug into two pieces?" The little boy answered, “I’m going to give one half to abuelito and I’m going to save the other half for you when you’re old.”

What do you think are some reasons why the little boy learned to care so much for both his abuelito (Grandpa) and father?

Carpet Story

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