Mixing family, school, and fun can sometimes be a challenge. Staying organized can help you do well in school, contribute to family, and have fun! 

Use the calendar below to setup a schedule for yourself for one week between the hours of 4pm and 11:00pm. You need to find time for every activity on the list below. GOOD LUCK!

​To make things easier, just type in the number of the activity in the calendar: 1 or 2 or 3.....

1) Clean your room at least once.
2) Clean out your backpack at least once.
3) Prepare for science project (paper and poster) due on Friday.
4) Prepare for history quiz on Tuesday.
5) Make time to do
daily math homework problems.
6) Plan for a minimum 1 hour practice of your choice: 
sports, cheering, choir, band....

7) Plan for 1 hour to watch your favorite TV show(s)
8) Schedule in additional fun: Going to movies, a game,…
9) Help with dish washing and/or fixing dinner at least
10) Sleep
11) Eat dinner
12) Family time

A Weekly Schedule

Point Value: 50