Point Value: 25 per Study Habit 

Are you already doing well in school or are you looking for ways to do better?

Select 2 of the study habits listed below that that you think might help you, or that have already helped you do better in school.

Explain how each study habit might or has helped you do better in school.

Study Habits

1. Stay organized. Schedule your time so that everything gets done.

2. Pay attention, take notes and review your class notes DAILY.             Without review, we forget about 40% of what we hear in less than 24 hours!

3. Complete all assignments.

4. Get tutoring as soon as you know you need help.

5. Study for each test and/or quiz.

6. Use flashcards and/or acronyms for memorizing. One commonly used acronym is “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” which is used for memorizing the order of operations in math (Parenthesis/exponents, multiplication/division, and addition/subtraction).

7. Get ahead whenever possible.